About Lorazel


Lorazel was created on the 7th of November 2015 by friends Pooja and Mounica. While the former wished to include informative, engaging and interesting articles, the later desired to write content with the theme of life itself and advice people on how to live a satisfactory life. These two ideas then collided to give birth to Lorazel, which is dedicated to becoming a smooth and effortless whole that mixes and incorporates both views and topics.

We here at Lorazel hope to provide enriching, engaging and interesting information that will keep the visitors entertained along with helpful, supportive and inspiring advice that can make people’s lives a bit better.

Every article added into the collection of pages here at Lorazel is thoroughly checked for engaging and quality content that aims to be new and unique. You are also free to provide us with new and innovative ideas that might get published on this site. As always, feedback is appreciated and welcome.