Firefall At Yosemite

Around February’s second week, if the weather is just right and numerous conditions are met, when the rays of the sunset hit Yosemite National Park’s Horsetail Fall just right, in a magical moment the Fall will lights up with radiant gold and a burning orange glow—that is the Firefall.


This gallery compiled from various sources evokes and shares the delightful wonder of the Firefall that might have been felt by those fortunate enough to witness the phenomenon.



The Rainbow Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus deglupta is most commonly known as rainbow eucalyptus among other names like rainbow gum and Mindanao gum. Its main characteristic feature is its rainbow-hued bark.

The rainbow eucalyptus grows mainly in the tropical and sub-tropical regions and is also used for ornamental purposes like the Jacaranda tree and for pulpwood in the Philippines.

The multi-hued bark is a result of the shedding of bits of the outer bark at different times, leading to the green inner bark to be visible. This gradually darkens to colors like purple, blue, orange and maroon and results in its characteristic and hued bark.


Traffic Lights In Foggy Weather


This picture is an example of the enchantingly unexpected little visuals that the world can have in store for us at the most mundane moments of our lives. Case in point, how would you feel if you encountered the visual below while waiting in front of the traffic lights in foggy weather? Surprised, surely. Maybe delighted and enchanted as well.



The Blue Cave of Kastellorizo, Greece


Blue cave is one of the main attractions of the island of Kastellorizo located in Greece.



Why is it blue?

The light from the sun gets refracted through the waters of the sea. This refracted light, which will be blue in color, is then reflected onto the cave walls. This gives the cave a dazzling blue color and is the cause for its name.




The entrance to the cave is barely a meter in height. The can only be visited in a boat—and since the entrance is low—only when the water is calm. The recommended time for visiting the Blue Cave is when the sun is still low, i.e., early in the morning.