Fireworks From The Inside – Filmed With A Drone


Ever been curious about how it would look from inside a fireworks show? Floating among the fireworks and witnessing each burst and bang from a new and close perspective? Then wait no more! Fireworks From The Inside – Filmed With A Drone will let you experience it!



The video below will show you how fireworks from the inside look, with sparkles crackling and spraying all around you as you seem to hover over it all, witnessed through a drone sent to fly through it.




The Rainbow Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus deglupta is most commonly known as rainbow eucalyptus among other names like rainbow gum and Mindanao gum. Its main characteristic feature is its rainbow-hued bark.

The rainbow eucalyptus grows mainly in the tropical and sub-tropical regions and is also used for ornamental purposes like the Jacaranda tree and for pulpwood in the Philippines.

The multi-hued bark is a result of the shedding of bits of the outer bark at different times, leading to the green inner bark to be visible. This gradually darkens to colors like purple, blue, orange and maroon and results in its characteristic and hued bark.


The Jacaranda Tree


The Jacaranda trees grow mostly in the tropical and sub-tropical regions of South America, Central America, Cuba, Jamaica, Nepal and can also be found in South Africa, Australia and Zimbabwe. They are mostly grown as ornamental plants and are known for their beautiful displays of purple flowers when in full bloom.

We have compiled a delightful little gallery of Jacaranda trees that will leave you in awe of their ethereal beauty.



Traffic Lights In Foggy Weather


This picture is an example of the enchantingly unexpected little visuals that the world can have in store for us at the most mundane moments of our lives. Case in point, how would you feel if you encountered the visual below while waiting in front of the traffic lights in foggy weather? Surprised, surely. Maybe delighted and enchanted as well.